Emergency Outage Alert for September 23, 2022

Emergency Outage Alert 09.23.2022



Emergency Outage Alert – Sunday September 25, 2022


It is necessary for HWC to take a power outage of its Plaza Electric Substation beginning at 1 pm Sunday lasting for approximately 4 hours until approximately 5 pm.  This is necessary to remove a critical piece of equipment from the substation and to replace it.  We received notification from our Vendor today that an oil sample taken during one of the normal maintenance cycles was showing severe deterioration and they issued a critical alert to remove this piece of equipment as soon as possible.  The areas affected will be the Ludlow Road, Access Road, Washburn Street, Water Street, Lincoln St., Highland Ave., Prospect Street, Winter St., Mechanic St. Key Bank Building Lot, Market Commons, Charles St., River St., North St. from Maple Street to Heading North, The North Road Shopping Plaza and North St North of Interstate 95.

My apologies for the outage, but unfortunately this is an emergency, and the equipment must be replaced.