Our Company

We’re Different

As a small community owned provider of electric, water and sewer services we are uniquely able to focus on customers needs.  We don’t answer to stockholders looking for profit and return on investment, we answer to you.

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The HWC is governed by a 6 member Board of Directors elected by the citizens of Houlton. The Board of Directors is charged with conducting the business of the HWC in the best interest of its customers. The Board hires a General Manager to manage the affairs of the Company.

What That Means For Our Customers:

  • A Place where people, not computers, still answer the phone.  People who are committed to listening to your problems and finding solutions.
  • Electric rates 35% lower than the average for Maine.  A family of four could save $600 a year.
  • Plentiful supply of cool clean water that far exceeds all drinking water standards and more importantly, it tastes good.
  • A wastewater treatment facility that removes 99% of harmful bacteria from the towns waste water.  Our facility is a major reason that the Meduxnekeag River is once again a valued community resource.

More Information

For even more historical information about HWC, feel free to download this overview.