HWC supplies electricity to approximately 5,200 customers, water to approximately 2,000 customers, and wastewater to approximately 1,700 customers in Houlton and surrounding area.

Our Services include these systems



Waste Water

Application for Service or Termination

When you apple or wish to terminate service for any of our utilities (electric, water, waste water) you will be required t complete a “Service Change” form to move or relocate. When you apply for service we will check to see if you have had service with us previously. If you have unpaid bills with us we will ask you to make arrangements to pay the bill. We will ask for a deposit if you are a commercial or industrial customer or there if proof that you will be a credit risk.

Electric bills are sent monthly, water and waste water bills every three months (Quarterly). We will always attempt to send you a bill based on actual usage but occasionally circumstances may require us to estimate your bill.

Interruption of Service

Occasionally, through no ones fault, your power may go out. If such an event occurs, immediately check your breakers and/or fuses. If your breakers are all on, give us a call at 532-2259 and our service people will respond, day or night.

Likewise, we have people available to respond to lack of water, leaks or backed up sewers.